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Nutrient content per 100 g

Delicious season


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Commentary on vegetables

  • Spring & summer carrots are characterized by sweetness, freshness and softness
  • Cultivated throughout the year
  • Vegetables with a feature that can be stored buried in the soil in winter and have high storage properties
  • New carrot (spring carrot) is shipped immediately after harvesting without being dried or stored.(Spring carrot is fresh carrot, but can only be stored for a short time)
    (Ginseng is fresh ginseng, but it can be stored for a short period)
  • Caroten content is the highest among vegetables with high circulation
  • Caroten is contained a lot under the epidermis
  • Compared to the past, it has a unique odor and has become sweeter
    (Although the amount of carotene has increased, other nutrients have decreased)
  • Carotene is fat-soluble and suitable for oil cooking
  • Avoid things that are dark overall
  • Choose carrots with smooth skin and few dents

Good things to eat together

  • Cold prevention = onion, wakame, celery
  • Fatigue recovery = Chinese cabbage, cabbage, tomato
  • Prevention of constipation = wakame,burdock,bamboo shoots
  • Prevention of vision loss = broccoli, peppers, pumpkin

Preservation method

  • Store at room temperature in a good place throughout the year
    (Sensitive to moisture)
  • Can be cut into easy-to-use sizes and frozen with a hard boil
  • When storing for a long time, cut off the leaves.


  • Boiled food
  • Fried food
  • Grilled food
  • soup
  • dressing

Food composition table

Per 100g edible portion

Carrot(raw)root without skin

Waste rate 10%
Energy 36㎉
moisture 89.7g
Protein 0.8g
Lipid 0.1g
Carbohydrate 8.7g
Sodium 34㎎
Potassium 270㎎
Calcium 26㎎
Magnesium 9㎎
Rin 25㎎
iron 0.2㎎
Zinc 0.05㎎
Copper 0.05㎎
Manganese 0.1㎎
Selenium 1㎍
Chromium 1㎍
Molybdenum 1㎍
Vitamin A(Retinol)
Vitamin A(β-carotene) 6700㎍
Vitamin D
Vitamin E(Tocopherol α) 0.5㎎
Vitamin K 18㎍
Vitamin B1 0.07㎎
Vitamin B2 0.06㎎
Niacin 0.7㎎
Vitamin B6 0.1㎎
Vitamin B12
Folic acid 23㎍
Pantothenic acid 0.33㎎
Biotin 2.8㎍
Vitamin C 6㎎
Dietary fiber(aggregate amount) 2.4g

Quoted from the Japanese food standard composition table 2015 edition