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Characteristics of nutrients

  • Cholesterol refers to lipids synthesized in the body
  • Cholesterol is also ingested from foods
  • Cholesterol ingested from meals is 15 to 20%
  • 85 to 80% are synthesized in the body
  • LDL cholesterol= carries cholesterol into the body
  • HDL cholesterol= Extra cholesterol recovery

Function of nutrients

  • Fine tuning the work of the cranial nerves and muscles
  • Essential for the production of cell membranes and hormones
  • Make bile acids to help digestion and absorption of fat

When nutrients are deficient

  • Weakened cell membranes and blood vessels and decreased immunity
  • cerebral hemorrhage
  • Insufficient intake of animal protein
  • In elderly people, the possibility of becoming low nutrition

When nutrients overdose

  • Cause of arteriosclerosis
  • Myocardial infarction
  • obesity

Food that contains a lot of energy

FoodstuffIngredient per 100g (kcal)
Egg yolk (Boiled)1400
Egg yolk (raw)1400
Firefly squid(Smoked)930
dried mullet roe860
dried sardine720
century egg680
foie gras650
monkfish liver560
Caviar (salted)500
Whole eggs (raw)420


  • (LDL)= carry cholesterol into the body
  • (HDL)= collect extra cholesterol
  • Food intake = about 20%
  • Produced in the body = about 80%