Energy (エネルギー)

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Characteristics of nutrients

  • In nutrition it expresses the power obtained from food
  • The unit expressing energy is cal (calorie)
  • International organizations use joule
  • 1000 cal = 1 kcal
  • 1 kcal = 4.18 joule
  • * 1 kcal is the energy required to increase 1 kg of water to 14.5 degrees to 15.5 degrees (1 degree)


Function of nutrients

  • Source to move the body
  • Make the brain function
  • Motive force to live
  • Lots of activity = Lots of energy consumption
  • The balance between activity level and energy is important
  • Energy is necessary to maintain life, such as moving organs even when resting
  • If you take more energy (carbohydrates or lipids) than the amount used in the activity amount, that amount is accumulated in the body

When nutrients are deficient

  • too skinny
  • Get tired easily
  • Declining thinking ability
  • Decreased exercise capacity

When nutrients overdose

  • obesity
  • Glycosuria

Food that contains a lot of energy

Foodstuff Ingredient per 100g (kcal)
Lard 941
Beef tallow 940
Corn oil 921
Sesame oil 921
Oil of rapeseed 921
Palm oil 921
Olive oil 921
Chili oil 919
Beef rib loin fat 831
Margarine 778
Butter 763
Pork loin fat 754


  • Energy is an essential nutrient for living
  • It is important to take it in good balance
  • The amount ingested changes depending on gender, height, weight, and momentum