Pantothenic acid (パントテン酸)

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Characteristics of nutrients

  • Water soluble vitamin
  • Weak to heat&acid&alkali
  • During pregnancy, lactating women consume more pantothenic acid
  • Coffee and alcohol consume pantothenic acid in the body
  • Help energy metabolism
  • Strengthen immunity

Function of nutrients

  • The effect of helping the function of vitamin C
  • Function to strengthen immunity
  • Keep skin and mucosa normal
  • Promote synthesis of good cholesterol in the blood
  • Help synthesis of various substances
  • Relieve stress
  • Prevention of arteriosclerosis
  • Make healthy skin and hair

When nutrients are deficient

  • Since it is synthesized in the body, there is no need to worry about deficiency
  • Numbness of limbs, rough skin, fatty liver
  • Decrease of immunity

When nutrients overdose

  • No concern in normal life
  • Even if overdosed, it is excreted

Food that contains a lot of Pantothenic acid

FoodstuffIngredient per 100g (mg)
Chicken liver (raw)10.10
Pig liver (raw)7.19
Beef liver (raw)6.40
Chicken heart (raw)4.41
Foie gras (boiled)4.38
Egg yolk (raw)4.33
Gyokuro (tea)4.10
cod roe 3.68
eel liver (raw)2.95
Chicken tender2.95


  • The origin of the name is Greek meaning “everywhere”
  • Required amount increases when there is stress
  • Pantothenic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E are anti-stress effects
  • Help metabolism of three major nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids)