Protein (タンパク質)

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Characteristics of nutrients

  • One of the three major nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids)
  • It breaks down into amino acids in the body with nutrients that make up the body
  • Amino acids are essential for making hair, nails, viscera, muscles, hormones, enzymes, etc.
  • Since there are essential amino acids that can not be made in the body, we need to ingest it from the diet
  • Minimum unit of protein = amino acid
  • Approximately 16% of human body weight is protein
  • Be careful as there may be a shortage during meal restrictions


Function of nutrients

  • Constituents such as skin, muscle, internal organs, blood
  • Involved in nerve, antibody, etc. Important ingredients

When nutrients are deficient

  • Mmune power, lower physical strength
  • There is a risk of stroke as blood vessels get thinner
  • Children may have growth disorders

When nutrients overdose

  • Excess is excreted with urine
  • Renal impairment due to burden on the kidneys
  • Increase in calcium release from urine (osteoporosis)

Food that contains a lot of Protein

Foodstuff Ingredient per 100g (g)
Pig (gelatin) 87.6
Shark fin 83.9
Flying-fish 80.0
dried bonito 77.1
Sardine 75.1
sakura-shrimp 64.9
Beef jerky 54.8
Natural cheese (parmesan) 44.0
Seaweed 41.4
dried mullet roe 40.4
Pork fillet (baked) 39.3
Chicken breast 38.8