Pantothenic acid (パントテン酸)


Characteristics of nutrients

  • Water soluble vitamin
  • Weak to heat&acid&alkali
  • During pregnancy, lactating women consume more pantothenic acid
  • Coffee and alcohol consume pantothenic acid in the body
  • Help energy metabolism
  • Strengthen immunity


Function of nutrients

  • The effect of helping the function of vitamin C
  • Function to strengthen immunity
  • Keep skin and mucosa normal
  • Promote synthesis of good cholesterol in the blood
  • Help synthesis of various substances
  • Relieve stress
  • Prevention of arteriosclerosis
  • Make healthy skin and hair



When nutrients are deficient

  • Since it is synthesized in the body, there is no need to worry about deficiency
  • Numbness of limbs, rough skin, fatty liver
  • Decrease of immunity



When nutrients overdose

  • No concern in normal life
  • Even if overdosed, it is excreted


Foods rich in nutrients

  • egg yolk
  • Natto
  • lever
  • Avocado
  • salmon roe



  • The origin of the name is Greek meaning “everywhere”
  • Required amount increases when there is stress
  • Pantothenic acid, vitamin C, vitamin E are anti-stress effects
  • Help metabolism of three major nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids)



Nutrient list
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EnergyPantothenic acid
Saturated fatty acids n-3 fatty acids
Dietary fiber n-6 fatty acids
Vitamin ACalcium
Vitamin DMagnesium
Vitamin ERin
Vitamin KZinc
Vitamin B1Copper
Vitamin B2Manganese
Vitamin B6Lodine
Vitamin B12Selenium
Vitamin CChromium
Folic acidiron