vegetables / fruits(野菜・果物)

Vegetables / fruits

Current vegetables are undergoing breed improvement and new species development.
Eatable vegetables and new vegetables are coming out.
Without proper and polite preparation, we can not expect a good finish.


Types and seasons of vegetables and fruits

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Apple⑨⑩⑪High fruit nutritious, loved from all over the world. It is low calorie and stomach well and effective for dieting. If you cool it too much, you will lose smell and sweetness
Apricot⑥➆The top class carotene content among fruits. There are a lot of dried items.
Ashitaba②③④⑤It is rich in vitamins and minerals, has a refreshing scent, effective for nutritional supplementation.
Asparagus⑤⑥➆Hydroponic cultivation etc circulates throughout the year. Antioxidant effect, prevention of aging, beauty etc are effective.
AvocadoAll seasonsFruits with very high nutritional value. The skin color turns from green to black if it becomes ripe. Mature from "calyx" part.
Bamboo shoot④⑤Freshness is important. As time goes by, Rye will become stronger. Rich in dietary fiber and potassium.
BananaAll seasonsA good energy source of digestion. It also has an effect of improving intestinal environment. Store it at room temperature as it will be damaged if it is below 13 ℃.
Basil➆⑧It is compatible with tomatoes, herbs indispensable for Italian food. Sedative action, appetite promotion and other effects can be expected.
Bean sprouts③④⑤Young buds such as peas and silk sheaths. High nutritional value.
Bean sproutsAll seasonsLow calorie and high nutritional value. Healthy. Vitamin C, potassium, rice cake fibers and so on.
Beefsteak plant⑥➆⑧⑨⑩The scent component (perylaldehyde) has antioxidant and antiseptic effect. Preventing food poisoning by adding it to sashimi.
Benincasa hispida➆⑧⑨Potassium, calcium, which is relatively high in nutrients. Try and pick a heavy thing.
Bitter gourd⑥➆⑧⑨Having vitamin C not broken even when heated. Unique bitterness enhances appetite, enhances liver function, lowering blood glucose level can be expected.
Blueberry⑥➆Abundant active ingredient anthocyanin. Asthenopia and vision recovery effect can be obtained.
Bracken③④⑤Wild plants that are distributed throughout Japan and have been popular since ancient times. Eat young buds in spring. Starch that can be taken from underground stems is used for Japanese sweets.
Broad bean④⑤⑥Taste that represents early summer. Nutritional value begins to fall from the moment of harvest. It is good to cook fresh items right away.
Broccoli①②③⑪⑫Carotene, vitamin C abundant. After boiling, if you take it in water, the taste will get blurred.
Brussels sprouts①②③⑫Contains 4 times more vitamin C than common cabbage. Because there is a lye, boil it down and use it.
Burdock①④⑤⑪⑫It is said that only in Japan, Taiwan eats "Burdock" in the world. Please note that 'Lye' comes with umami at the same time
Cabbage①②③④⑤➆⑧Contains vitamin C, U which is soluble in water and weak against heat. It can be ingested well in raw eating. Vitamin C is abundant around the core.
Carrot④⑤⑥➆⑪⑫Abundant carotene. There are many nutrients under the epidermis. Be careful as it contains enzymes that destroy vitamin C
Cauliflower①②③⑪⑫Vitamin C rich in loss due to heating is abundant. As freshness gets worse, the color changes instantly. Those with color appear around due to quality improvement.
Celery①②③④⑤⑪⑫The leaves contain carotene, which contains a lot of viradine. Viradin makes my blood smooth.
Chard➆⑧⑨⑩Carotene, vitamin E, B2, potassium, iron and the like. Now there are color varieties as well. Aka Swiss Chard.
Cherry⑤⑥➆Vitamin C, malic acid, citric acid, glucose, fructose etc. are included, and recovery from fatigue and beautiful skin can be expected.
Chestnut⑨⑩High calorie food containing carbohydrates. Vitamin B1, B2, including niacin. Energy can be efficiently supplied.
Chicory①②③The bitterness becomes stronger at the white part under the green part above. A red leaf variety is "red-Endive"
Chilipepper➆⑧⑨⑩A unique hot ingredient is capsaicin. It has an effect of improving blood circulation and helping digestion and absorption.
Chinese cabbage⑪⑫①②High nutritional value. Vitamin C, contains a lot of potassium. It also contains a lot of minerals.
Chinese chive①②③⑪⑫The origin of the smell is allyl sulfide. Increase absorption rate of vitamin B1 to promote degradation of sugar.
Chocolate vineEat the white part in "purple fruit". Fruits that take fatigue and attach stamina.
Cress④⑤It features a unique scent and refreshing pungent taste. Vitamins, rich in minerals.
Cucumber⑤⑥➆⑧"Pickled rice bran" potassium three times. It is better to choose things with uniform thickness.
Dropwort①②③④Carotene, vitamin C, iron and so on. One of the "7 Grasses of Spring".
Edible chrysanthemum⑨⑩⑪⑫Chrysanthemum that was improved for edible and cultivated. It circulates all the year, but the fragrance is good in autumn.
Edible flowerAll seasonsIt is called edible flower. Enjoy coloring salad and tea and enjoy flavor. There are kinds, and it circulates around the year.
Eggplant⑥➆⑧⑨The pigment contained in the skin has the effect of clearing eye strain and blood vessels. Keep it so that it will not hit the wind because it is sensitive to wind.
Endive①②③⑩⑪⑫There is a unique bitterness. Western vegetables rich in potassium, calcium, carotene, vitamins.
Eringi mushroomAll seasonsDietary fiber more than Satsuma potato, with potassium more than watermelon.
Fatsia sprouts③④It is called king of wild vegetables. Protein, contains a lot of carotene.
Fig⑥➆⑧⑨⑩⑪It is rich in fructose, citric acid, dietary fiber, etc. It can expect an intestinal action and beauty effect.
Flowering fern③④⑤One of the representative wild plants. Do remove harshness. Carotene, Vitamin B 2, C, iron and the like.
Garden pea④⑤Carotene, vitamin C abundant. Two synergistic effects enhance the antioxidant effect.
Garland chrysanthemum①②③⑪⑫Green-yellow vegetables with high nutritional value. Calcium is more than milk. A strong scent ingredient has an effect of improving appetite.
Garlic⑤⑥➆Medicinal plant with tonic effect. Allicin, a fragrant ingredient, has a strong bactericidal action, it is effective for restoring stamina associated with vitamin B1.
Ginger⑥➆⑧A highly effective plant used around the world. The pungent ingredient is gingerol. It changes to shogaol when heated. Improve blood circulation and warm your body.
Ginkgo nut⑨⑩⑪Carotene and vitamin C are abundant, so it is good for preventing colds. Eating large amounts causes food poisoning.
Grape⑧⑨⑩It quickly becomes energy in the body. Fatigue recovery speeds up.
GrapefruitAll seasonsCitrus fruits characterized by faint sweetness and subtle bitterness. Good shape and heavy things are good.
Green peas④⑤⑥Overall it is more nutritious than "snow pea". Vitamin B1 is more than doubled.
Green pepper⑥➆⑧⑨Vitamins, carotene abound. It has become easier to eat by breed improvement but nutritional value is decreasing.
Green soybean➆⑧⑨Good protein, rich in calcium and potassium. Carotene and vitamin C are also abundant and full of nutrition.
Hen of the woods⑩⑪Vitamin D is abundant. "Β-glucan" is abundant to stimulate the intestines to clean the intestines.
HorseradishAll seasonsA European plant containing the same pungent ingredients as "Wasabi". It becomes a raw material of "Powder Wasabi".
HorseradishAll seasonsThe enzyme works when grated.The pungency is increased by putting a little time.It has strong antibacterial and antifungal effect.
Ice plantAll seasonsA quirky appearance with crowded blisters on leaves and stems. It is good to use a salad that makes the most of the texture.
Ieaf Chinese mustard①②③⑫Leaves have a pungent taste, which has a bactericidal effect and an appetite enhancing effect. You can consume carotene by frying with oil.
Japanese butterbur④⑤⑥Boil it and boil it with boiling water to peel off the skin. It has a unique scent and bitter taste.
Japanese butterbur scape②③Because it is a flower stalk, it is rich in nutrition than 蕗. Carotene. Vitamin B1, potassium and so on.
Japanese ginger③④⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩A refreshing unique scent has an effect of promoting appetite, perspiration, drowsiness and the like.
Japanese honeywort①②③④⑫The scent component has functions such as promotion of appetite, relieving stress, preventing stomach peeling. When dried it gets scentless.
Japanese pepper③④⑤⑥➆⑪Young buds, fruits, burned fruits are used. ''Sanshouol'' is a pungent ingredient. Increases appetite, has the effect of activating gastrointestinal
Japanese radish①②③➆⑧⑪⑫Digestive enzymes and vitamin C. Leaves contain abundant carotene, vitamin C, calcium, dietary fiber.
Japnese apricot⑤⑥➆Citric acid etc. of the main ingredient prevents fatigue recovery substance (lactic acid) metabolic decomposition and accumulation in muscle. Therefore, fatigue recovery effect can be expected.
Jerusalem artichoke⑩⑪A sunflower fellow of American origin. Eat tubers.
Jew's-ear⑥➆⑧⑨Vitamin D, mushrooms rich in dietary fiber. Choose thick, moist and glossy.
Kiwi fruitFruits characterized by sweetness with moderately sour taste. Vitamin C per unit is more than lemon. Imports are circulated on the market irrespective of the season.
Komatsuna①②⑫Green-yellow vegetables with high nutritional value. Iron and calcium are abundant. Calcium is included as much as milk.
konnyaku potato⑪⑫①It contains low calorie dietary fiber and plenty of calcium. It is said that cultivation is difficult and takes three years until it becomes the size of the raw material of "konnyaku".
Leaf mustard②③④Carotene, vitamin C, potassium, calcium abundant. Especially calcium is more than milk.
Lemon⑨⑩⑪⑫①Contains vitamin C and citric acid abundantly. Domestic products are distributed around autumn and winter. Choose one with smooth skin and firmness.
Lettuce④⑤⑥➆⑧⑨It is susceptible to high temperature and heavy rain, and it is vulnerable to pests. If you stir it with oil, the absorption rate of calcium increases.
Lily bulb⑩⑪⑫Lily of bulbs. A slightly sweet, bitter flavor taste. High calorie as it contains carbohydrates.
Lime⑩⑪⑫Featuring refreshing fragrance and refreshing acidity smaller than lemon. Most of the distribution is Mexican Lime. Imported goods circulate all the year round.
Loquat⑤⑥The one that white powder called bloom is still fresh. Carotene is abundantly contained.
Lotus root①②③⑪⑫Vitamin C, B1, B2 are abundant. It helps recovery from fatigue, prevention of rough skin. "New lotus" is circulating in the summer, but it is soft and has much moisture on the way of growth.
Lychee⑥➆Representative fruits in China. It is sweet and features a noble scent. There are translucent fresh fruit pulp in hard skin.
Mandarin orange⑩⑪⑫①②③The height of nutrients in the fruit is top class. Vitamin P contained in the white part of the skin has the effect of strengthening the capillary.
Mango⑥➆⑧One of three biggest fruits in the world. Carotene Vitamin C, folic acid, dietary fiber, potassium is abundant and makes the body beautiful and the body beautiful.
Matsutake mushroom⑩⑪King of the taste of autumn. Because artificial cultivation is difficult, it is difficult to grow even in nature so valuable food. Dietary fiber, rich in potassium.
Melon⑤⑥➆⑧Fruits charming with soft pulp and sweet scent. Because it is rich in potassium, it will drain extra salt.
Mint⑥➆⑧⑨Herbs distributed widely throughout the world. There are many kinds, essential oil ingredients are different.
Mizuna①②⑪⑫Includes polyphenol group with effect of making skin. It has the effect of detoxifying harmful substances that oxidize cells in the body.
Mulukhiya➆⑧⑨Because raw is strong, it is suitable for heated cooking. It boasts the top class carotene and calcium content among green-yellow vegetables.
Mushroom④⑤⑥⑨⑩⑪Protein, vitamin B2, potassium, rich in dietary fiber. Glutamic acid of umami ingredient is also included abundantly.
Nameko⑨⑩⑪Includes abundant trehalose that can be expected to prevent "skin beautification effect" and osteoporosis. Digestion is not very good.
Okra➆⑧⑨The origin of stickiness is "Pectin" and "mucin". Helps digestion and absorption of proteins.Stickiness disappears when adding vinegar
Onion④⑤The cause of spicy and odor is "allyl sulfide" It helps absorption of vitamin B1 in the body, it has the effect of making the blood smooth.
OrangeAll seasonsGenerally called "orange" "Valencia Orange" Many American products are circulating. Juice can also be juice.
Paprika➆⑧⑨⑩Colorful and large-sized pepper. Sweet without sweet peppers peculiar bitterness and pale smell. Contains a lot of vitamin C.
ParsleyAll seasonsCarotene, vitamins, iron, minerals and surprisingly high nutritional value. Easy to eat when paste or chopped.
Peach➆⑧⑨Taste of early summer with plenty of fruit juice with soft texture. From its sweetness it is easier for insects to attach, so it is relatively expensive as it does not last longer.
Peanut⑧⑨It is called a peanut, but it is not a tree nut but a kind of beans. There is no doubt that the raw thing is almost domestic.
Pear⑨⑩It is low calorie and contains fructose, malic acid, citric acid and is effective for recovery from fatigue. Because it contains protein degrading enzymes, it is used for meat dishes in Korea.
Pear⑩⑪⑫Like pears in Japan, it has a lot of moisture and dietary fiber. There are no scratches on the skin, and glossy ones are good.
Persimmon⑨⑩⑪Vitamin C is about twice as citrus fruits. A synergistic effect with carotene prevents rough skin and makes a body that is not defeated by a cold.
Pineapple➆⑧⑨99% of the distribution is from the Philippines. It contains proteolytic enzyme "Bromelain" that softens meat.
Plum⑥➆⑧"Plum" and "Prune" are roughly divided. There are many fruit juices, moderate sweetness and sourness.
Pomegranate⑨⑩⑪Since ellagic acid that suppresses melanin pigment is contained, whitening and health effects can be expected.
Potato⑤⑥➆Vitamin C is about 5 times as much as apple. It is wrapped in starch and hard to break by heating.
PumpkinAll seasonsIncludes a lot of carotene and vitamins that increase immunity. Those not ripe are less sweet and have lower nutritional value.
Qiug geng cai①⑨⑩⑪⑫Green-yellow vegetables with high nutritional value. It is a vegetable with little ash.
Rakkyo⑥➆⑧The source of irritating smell is allyl sulfide same as onion. Dietary fiber contains about 3 times as much as "burdock".
Rapeseed①②③⑫Rape flower flower stems, buds, refers to young leaves. Vitamin C content is top class. Calcium is also abundantly included.
Red-leaved chicory①②③⑥➆⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫It is often used for salads. The red leaves feature white veins. Red disappears when boiling
Sesame⑨⑩It has been cultivated in various countries all over the world. Health food rich in minerals such as protein, vitamin E, group B, calcium, iron and so on.
Shiitake mushroom③④⑤⑨⑩⑪Low in calories and rich in minerals and dietary fiber. Because it contains a tasty ingredient (guanylic acid), it has a complicated umami.
Shimeji⑨⑩⑪It contains "lysine" which promotes absorption of protein and calcium. Mushroom with high nutritional value.
Spinach①⑫Nutritional value is outstandingly good. Unique 'harsh after taste' is suppressed when combined with oil and calcium
SproutAll seasonsIt refers to plant sprouts. Sprouts of various vegetables are sold. It may be nutritious than mature vegetables.
Strawberry①②③④⑤⑥⑫7 strawberries can ingest the necessary amount of vitamin C per day. Effective for prevention of colds
String bean⑥➆⑧⑨Aspartic acid, including lysine, can be expected to recover from fatigue and skin beautification. It contains a lot of carotene.
Sudachi③④⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩It is smaller than Kavos and the skin is thin. Choose one that is hard and has glossy green color
Sweet pepper⑥➆⑧Includes nutrients that enhance immune function and are effective in restoring fatigue. When heating, open the hole to prevent rupture.
Sweet potato⑨⑩⑪The main ingredient is starch. Vitamin C, B1, B6 and so on abundantly. Another name "Maru-jyu"
Sweetcorn⑥➆⑧⑨High calories in vegetables. Carbohydrate, protein is the main component.
Swiss chard➆⑧⑨⑩Carotene, vitamin E, B2, potassium, iron and the like. Now there are color varieties as well.
Taro⑨⑩⑪Most of the ingredients except moisture are made of starch. Potassium, dietary fiber rich, recommended for those who are concerned about body fat and lifestyle diseases.
Tatsoi①②⑪⑫Carotene, vitamin B1, rich in minerals. Fire is easy to pass. It is easy to use because there is no habit of taste.
Tomato⑥➆⑧⑨The red pigment of the skin contains lycopene and has antioxidant activity. It has the effect of erasing the smell of meat and fish and increasing umami.
Turnip③④⑤⑩⑪⑫It has effects on the stomach and heartburn. Leaves contain a lot of carotene, vitamin C, B1, B2.
Udo-saladPerennial grass growing naturally in Yamano in various parts of Japan. I eat that sprout. Just a moisture, but rich in Potassium.
Velvet shank①②③⑪⑫Including "GABA" which works to calm the excitement of nerves and actively activate the function of kidney and liver
Water chestnut⑪⑫①It is indispensable for "Osechi dish" as an lucky item. It contains a lot of carbohydrates, proteins and minerals.
Water shield⑥➆⑧It is called 'summer feature'. The whole is covered with transparent mucilaginum, and it features a slim texture.
Water spinach⑥➆⑧Chinese vegetables named "Ku-sin-sai" because the inside of the stem is hollow. It contains a lot of iron.
Watermelon➆⑧Good contrast between black and green is good. Immediately after harvesting is the sweetest and tasty.
Welsh onion①②⑪⑫Vegetables with medicinal ingredients. It is also used for disinfecting effect and meat, smell of fish.
Yuzu①➆⑧⑪⑫"Blue Yuzu is summer", "Huang Yuzi" is harvested in autumn. Not only fruit juice but also pericarp is used.
Zucchini⑥➆⑧Good compatibility with olive oil (increase absorption rate of carotene, sweetness increases when slowly heated).