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About meat

Meat is important as a source of protein, energy and micronutrients, and its consumption is rapidly increasing in Japan after the war.
It is said that these food intake excess influences the increase of lifestyle diseases such as “arteriosclerosis” and “hyperlipidemia”.

It summarizes the parts and features of “cattle, pigs, birds”, other meat and its characteristics. This article is prepared based on the “meat retailing quality standard” established by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.

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    1. Beef part
    2. Pork part
    3. Chicken part
    4. Other meat

List of parts of beef

Chuck rollChuck eye log


The core part of “Chuck roll”. The texture is fine and soft.
 Chuck flap


“Red meat” and “fat” are balanced well and the appearance is also beautiful. There is richness in lean body and it is tasty deeply.
 Chuck tail flap


A place that follows a triangular rose from the middle of “Chuck roll”. The texture is fine and thick.


M.biceps brachii


There are many fine lines. Soft and tasty solid.
 Upper oyster blade


The umami is rich and the aftertaste is refreshed and soft
 Top blade


The back side of the shoulder blades. There are more crisp than appearance, there is richness and sweetness.
 M.triceps brachii caputLots of fat, thick taste of meat


Meat quality is stiff and used for stew, curry, boiled dish and so on.




A lot of streaks and a part used for stewed dishes
 Neck length muscleThin muscles in the throat.
Chuck tender


 A small sashi enters inside, the taste is refreshing, there is sweetness


Chuck short rib


“Calbi”(Boneless Short Rib) is called, the sweetness of the fat and the taste of the meat is solid


A lot of fat is somewhat stiff. Protein and rich taste. The core part is used for grilled meat.
 Pectoral meat


The tip of “Brisket”. Featuring lean and soft taste.
 Pectoral meat


Slender red meat. The fleshy is hard
ShankShinThe texture is rough and hard. Gelatinous and thin fascia are involved.


The meat quality is hard and there are many streaks. It has many gelatinous substances, and it is used for stewed dishes and soup.
TenderloinChateaubriandCenter of the Fillet. Very soft and enjoy a melting texture.
 Fillet MignonThe end part of Fillet.
Spencer Roll


Rib loinThe part between shoulder loin and sirloin. Taste, softness Sweetness and tasteful. 
 ribeye rollPart of core of ribulose
 Rib capThe upper part of the ribulose (back side) The appearance is beautiful. Sweetness of the meat and rich flavor.
Sir loin The texture is fine and soft. A high-class site lining up with “Fillet”. Meat quality is good and juicy.
Shoret ribHalf short ribIt is characterized by thick taste and sweetness of fat.
 Flap meatThe balance of lean meat and fat is good. Elegant taste and soft. 
 Short ribA part where lean meat and fat are moderately engaged. The flavor is rich and the taste is rich.
Short PlateFlank steakFriendly flavor
 short plateThe part where lean meat and fat are layered. Sweetness is strong, it is used for beef bowl etc.
 Inner skirt steakChewy and strong umami
Bottom roundOutside roundThe outer part of ‘Gooseneck round’. Less fat and lean meat. The taste is rich and sweet 
 Eye of roundThe inner part of “Gooseneck round”. Coarse texture and hard stiffness
 HeelThere are streaks, but it is soft and meaty and has a lot of gelatin.
 M.flexor digitorum supeeficialisThere are countless fascia and umami is thick. It is rich in gelatin.
Top roundM.semimembranaceusRed meat with low fat.
 M.pectineus & MsartoriusThe flesh quality is softer than ‘M.semimembranaceus’. 
 M.gracilisIt is used for meat, stewed dishes in fat that wraps “Top round”.
RumpD RumpGood color, fine texture of fine texture and soft
 M.gluteus profundusFleshy is soft, it has a lot of moisture, so it tends to discolor.
 M.gluters mediusTexture is fine and red meat. There is moderate fat and it is soft. 
 Top sirloin capIt is dark in color and has a lot of fat. It features melting taste. Coarse texture
KnuckleKnuckleRed meat and soft.
 Tri-tipRelatively fat crosses but it is not as soft as it looks.
 Inside knuckle muscleThe color is dark, the meat quality is soft 
 Knuckle main muscleStreaks are intruding in the center, but fine and soft
 Outoside KnuckleThe color is dark, the meat quality is slightly stiffer

List of parts of pork

Jowls Meat
Fat moistened with grease, crunchy texture
The texture is rough and hard.The flesh is slightly darker, there is somewhat “fat”.
The texture is coarse and slightly stiff. The fat spreads like a net in “red meat”Rich taste.
In the portion where the taste is rich, “fat” and “red meat” alternately overlap
Fine texture, moderately greasy.
There is umami on the outside fat and it is soft.
Fine texture, little fat.
Part of fine texture
Soft and less fat


List of parts of chicken

Chicken WingThere is richness and strong umami. There is moderate fat and collagen.
White with little fat. High protein and low calories. Smells less.
A fatty lean body. Rich and crispy. It smells fragrant when heated
Low fat, high protein. It is finer than the meat.
chicken skin
Bird’s skin. It has a lot of fat and has a unique texture. Collagen is abundant.
The neck part.It is a bit hard but has a strong taste.
(Sternum) and (knee bone).”Feeling crunchy texture” is characterized.
Bird’s tail part. A rare site that can take only a few. The umami is strong and greasy.
heart.There is taste and crisp.
High nutritional value. Compared to pigs and cows’ levers, they are easy to eat without habit.
Muscle stomach (organ for crushing food with sand)There is no peculiarity in taste, it is characterized by a cliché texture.

Other Meat List

Because the color of meat is dark red, it is called “Sakura Meat”. In Japan it has been considered edible in limited areas such as Kumamoto and Nagano.
Victims of hunting are few, mostly raised. Most of breeding in Japan is “New Year” imported from New Zealand “Akashika” many.
Boar meat
From the red color of the meat “botan meat”. Wild boar is imported from Australia and New Zealand. Domestic produce is often bred
Hybrid hybridized with boar and pig. It is softer than boar meat, it has more richness and flavor than pork.
It has a taste similar to chicken and has little fat. Season is 4 to 5 kg of male young chicken castrated in winter in about 1 year of rearing is said to be delicious
In Japan, it was a precious protein source that appeared to school meals. Commercial whaling was banned in 1988.
It is a wild or domestic little swimming bird, usually holding a short limb on a flat body, with limbs on the limbs, a wide beak.Season is winter

Other ingredients