Processed food(加工食品)

About processed food

Processed products are foods that have been subjected to various processing to raw materials. There are rustic processed items such as salted, fermented, heated, dried and advanced processed items using modern facilities and additives.


Processed food


Fried tofuIt drained thinly-cut tofu and fried twice with oil. Also called thin fried
Thick fried tofuThe surface is brown, the interior remains tofu. It is also called “nama-age”.
UdonAdd flour to water and salt, thinly stretched and made into noodles. Nickname changes with the thickness of noodles. Kishimen → Udon → Hiyamugi → Somen.
Soy PulpMake soy milk in the process of making tofu. Fragment at that timeContains dietary fiber, low calorie.
KamabokoEgg white and surimi of fish meat combined with seasoning and steamed or baked. There are kamaboko which devised shape and coloring.
Dried strips of radish“dried strips of radish” is a slice of radish and dried in the sun. Drying adds sweetness and flavor.
KoyadofuFrozen tofu quickly. Easy to transport and highly preserved. Also called frozen tofu.
Pressed vegetableProcessed products made from “pressed vegetable Potato”. It is made utilizing the property that the main component mannan of pressed vegetable potato is solidified by alkalinity.
BuckwheatI kneaded [Buckwheat flour] and thinly cut it and cut thinly.”Twenty-eight buckwheat” means that made with flour 2, Buckwheat flour 8.
ChikuwaIt is baked by spreading fish meat of seasoned fish meat on bar. The prototype of kamaboko. This name comes from the fact that the shape resembles bamboo.
TofuSoy milk solidified with coagulant (bittern). The taste is fresh white and can be widely used for any dish. There are cotton and silk etc.
NamafuSteamed rice cake with gluten added. There is a texture like rice cake
SoymilkRaw materials for tofu. It is popular as a low-fat, high-protein drink. It is also a raw material for tofu.
NattoFood in which steamed soybeans are fermented. Fermentation improves digestion and absorption, and creates distinctive stickiness and flavor.
HamAfter salting the pork, what is boiled or smoked is called ham. In Japan, what processes other parts is also called “ham”.
FuTraditional Japanese food. Wheat flour mixed with water, salt etc.
BaconSmoked pork belly salted and then smoked,One method of preserving pork.Now there is what has been processed shoulder meat and loin.
YubaA thin film that can be formed on the surface when soymilk is heated. There are raw yuba which you can eat as it is, and dried yuba dried.

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