Because Japan is surrounded by the ocean, it is rich in marine products. Various seafood from ancient times are used for various dishes for sashimi, grill, simmered dish, etc. It plays an important role for Japanese cuisine.


Types and Seasons of Seafood

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Greenling③④⑤⑥➆⑧You can eat deliciously even if you remove the season. Fall season is the spawning season. There is a sense of transparency and white taste.
Trough shell②③④⑤⑥It is also called "bakagai". Iron and calcium are abundant. It is moderately soft.
Bigfin reef squid③④⑤⑩⑪It tastes good in hot weather. Very expensive. Taste, texture is good, it is popular as sushi material.
Ark shell①②③④⑪⑫The red pigment is hemoglobin. Vitamin, iron, calcium and abundant.
Short neck clam①②③④⑫Low calorie. Also rich in minerals such as zinc. Imports are increasing, but there is no big difference in taste.
Horse mackerel④⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩It is caught in large quantities throughout the year. Those captured by the net are cheap. "horse mackerel " fished with a fishing rod is expensive
Conger eel⑤⑥➆A lot of fat, vitamin A, rich in minerals.
Sweet shrimp
(northern shrimp)
①②③④⑤⑨⑩⑪⑫It is landed in various places. It will circle all the year. There is little circulation during the summer. Sweet when the freshness is good.
Tilefish①②③⑩⑪⑫It is not a member of the sea bream. It is more expensive than the sea bream, and it is called "Guji" in Kyoto. There is a lot of moisture, so it is necessary to remove it moderately.
Sweetfish⑥➆⑧⑨⑩When it is a young fish it is omnivorous. Adult fish eats only "River of moss", so it has a distinctive taste.
(Ear shell)
⑥➆⑧⑩⑪⑫Always expensive. Demand excesses continue.
Anglerfish①②⑩⑪⑫The males are small and the females are large. Spawning season is not tasty when laying eggs in spring
Striped Grunti-sa-kiA fish where the spawning season and season overlap. From autumn to spring the fat is gone, the texture gets worse
Spiny lobster①⑨⑩⑪⑫The spawning season comes in the period of fishing during May to August. Because it is not nationwide unification, the timing varies depending on the production area
Golden Threadfin Bream①②③⑩⑪⑫There are unique sweetness and aroma in the skin. If sashimi "Kawashimo-zukuri" recommend. The spawning season is May to June.
Pacific rudderfish⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩In western Japan it is called "shi-zu". Used for grilled or dried fish
Sardine⑥➆⑧⑨Do not wash things opened or fillets (umami flows)
Eel⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫The natural eel is delicious in autumn and winter. Cultured eel is delicious in summer. Vitamin A, D are abundant.
Sea ​​urchin④⑤⑥➆⑧⑨"The scent of the ocean wrapped in shells with thorns appears" Food
Stingray⑥➆⑧⑨There are few in the Kanto market, the price is cheap. In Korea is famous for "Kaori · Fa" which matches "Korean red chili paste".
Oyster①②③⑩⑪⑫Most of the ones on the market are aquaculture oysters
Ezo-neptune⑨⑩⑪⑫It can be eaten by simmering, baking, sashimi etc. Sashimi uses what is alive.
RockfishAll seasonsThere is circulation throughout the year. The taste does not drop much throughout the year. Another name "Gashira" "Arakabu".
Sculpin⑨⑩⑪There are freshwater fish and saltwater fish. Common name "gori"
Bonito③④⑤⑥⑧⑨⑩⑪Spring is called "hatsu-gatsuo" and it has a light taste. Autumn is called "modori-gatsuo" and it has a lot of fat
Barracuda①②③④⑨⑩⑪⑫Salt-grill is delicious. "Barracuda" is water-friendly so it is suitable for vinegar tightening and the like.
Flatfish④⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩It is said that the season is summer, but the autumn and winter has eggs. It is suitable for various dishes with white fish
Freshwater shrimp⑥➆⑧⑨It is imported from all over the world. Mostly imports. Fried and delicious
Thread-sail filefish①⑨⑩⑪⑫In Kansai it is called "ha-ge". Sashimi is tasty when eaten with liver soy sauce
Greater amberjack⑥➆⑧Summer is in season but taste does not fall through the year. It is representative in white fish sashimi.
Sand borer③④⑤⑥➆⑧It is called "kisugo". It is often used for tempura and soup.
Yellow fin tunaClear taste. It is often eaten in Kansai than Kanto. Summer is delicious "It is also called summer tuna"
Channel Rockfish①⑪⑫Another name "Kichiji" luxury fish. It has a lot of fat and looks beautiful.
Alfonsino①②③④⑤⑪⑫Early summer is delicious. Fresh fish is expensive, but frozen products are relatively cheap.
Deep sea bass①②⑨⑩⑪⑫Luxury fish. White fish. The umami is strong. Shrinks when you pass heat
Kuruma prawn①②⑩⑪⑫Winter is the aquaculture shrimp season. Natural shrimp is seasonal in summer
Horsehair Crab①②③⑨⑩⑪⑫Spring is called "young crab" and it is freshly ecstasy, body and miso are small but sweetness of the body is strong.
Carp①②③④⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫Freshwater fish. The spawning season inhabits all over Japan in early summer. Currently it is less common to distribute fish.
Golden cuttlefish①②③④⑩⑪⑫This squid is thick and sweet. Born in spring, the squid around 5 cm that can be harvested in the summer is called "Shinseki" and is high class.
Flathead④⑤⑥➆⑧Typical fish in summer. High protein and low fat. Vitamin B2 is abundant.
Sakura Shrimp④⑤⑩⑪⑫It is caught in spring and autumn. When freshness falls, redness falls and it gets whitish.
Salmon⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩⑪Japan consumes one-third of the world's catch. Salmon eggs are "salmon roe"
Turban shell③④⑤⑥➆The spawning season is summer. Sell on the market throughout the year. There is no difference in taste between large and small.
Halfbeak①②③④⑩⑪⑫It is a classic of high-class materials such as sushi and tempura. Sashimi has its own flavor and taste and deliciousness.
Mackerel①②③⑨⑩⑪⑫The young fish is called Sagoshi, Sagochi. The higher the price, the higher the price.
Pacific saury⑧⑨⑩⑪On the day when the early summer is banned, it costs as much as 600 yen to 1200 yen per tail. It is good that the body is plump and firm.
Shishamo smelt⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫In general there are many kalafo shishamo (capellin). Fresh fish circulates in the autumn in Kanto.
Shijimi Clams①②⑤⑥➆⑧⑨⑩It is circulating throughout the year. It is nutritious and is said to be good for the liver. Imports are also increasing.
Sole⑤⑥➆⑧It is often used for meunière. "halibut" is a completely different fish. Often used for French cuisine.
Trevally④⑤⑥➆⑧⑨Expensive white fish. 1 to 3 kg is expensive and too large, the taste is inferior and it becomes cheap.
Mantis shrimp③④⑤⑥➆The spawning season is from May to August and this season comes to season. Egg is called "Katsubushi" and delicious.
Ice fish①②③White fish figure. It will be dried and tempura.
Sea bass⑤⑥➆⑧From autumn to winter I have an egg. Vitamin A, rich in D. Low calorie.
Japanese common squidAll seasonsYou can understand the freshness by body color. Brown → white → red tea and freshness got worse.
Snow crab①②③⑪⑫Men are imported, but women are produced in Japan
The sizes of men and women are very different
Men are more expensive and traded
Sea bream①②③④⑤⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫It is said that spring is in season in Japan, but because the spawning season differs between north and south, you can eat delicious sea bream all year round
Octpus①④⑤⑥➆⑧⑪⑫It is the Japanese who eat octopus the most in the world. The season of「Madaco」 is winter, the season of 「Mizudako 」is summer.
Cutlass fish➆⑧⑨⑩⑪There is no scales, good quality. It fits any dish. Since "leather" is full of umami, it is recommended to eat every "leather".
Cod①②⑩⑪⑫Fish preferred by the world. My body is easy for fire to pass through, and easy to crumble. It is used for hot dishes.
King crab①⑩⑪⑫"Shedding" from spring to summer. Distribution of domestic products is small.
Flying fish②③④⑤⑥➆⑧Downhill the sea like a bird.Frequently used for processed goods
Cockle④⑤⑥➆Sashimi is not raw, it says a thing with lightly hot water after opening the part of the foot. Even though it is frozen, the taste does not drop much.
Catfish①②③④⑤⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫It is a fish that is not familiar in Japan. It is cultured in the world
Herring①②③④⑩⑪⑫It is called "Spring Trout". It is often used for New Year's cooking and traditional dishes.
Rosy seabass①②⑨⑩⑪⑫This fish is subcutaneous with umami and fat
Fish called as "Tolo of white fish"
Conger Eel Fry
②③Conger eel 'fry'.Eat with ponzu and "vinegar miso".
Goby⑨⑩⑪⑫Tempura in Kanto. Things that are alive are favored, and those that die are lowered in value.
Sandfish①②⑩⑪⑫It is an indispensable fish in Akita prefecture and it is used for local cuisine. It also becomes a material for "Shutsuru".
Sevenband grouper①②⑪⑫Many cultured things, natural products are very expensive.
Hard clam③④⑤The spawning season is summer. There are few domestic produce, mostly imports.
Pike conger⑤⑥➆⑧It is often eaten in Kansai. It is common for bones to cut many and to eat
Soapy①②③④⑤⑥➆⑨⑩⑪⑫Although the recognition of the name is low, it is tasty. It is classified as a small fish, but it is used for boiling, sashimi, dried fish etc.
Flatfish①②⑨⑩⑪⑫There are more aquaculture than natural products. Fish with little difference between nature and fish farming.
Globefish①②⑩⑪⑫There is a strong umami in fresh white. "Mature" will make it delicious
①②⑩⑪⑫The name changes each time it grows. Common fish often eaten in Japan
Wrasse①⑩⑪⑫In the Kanto region, it is not very popular and cheap. Common edible fish in western Japan.
Scallop①②③④⑤⑥⑩⑪⑫There is no big difference between aquaculture and natural taste. Soft, sweet strong taste.
Firefly Squid③④⑤When the freshness of internal organs and eyes drops, the color becomes turbid and blackens. Only fuselage and foot can eat raw.
Botan Shrimp②③④⑨⑩⑪Precious shrimp that lives only in the Pacific Ocean.
Surf clam①②③④⑤⑨⑩⑪⑫Passing heat increases sweetness and umami. Boiling makes it a beautiful color.
Atka Mackerel➆⑧⑨⑩⑪⑫It has a reputation as dried fish. Recently the circulation for eating raw food is increasing.
Mullet①②⑩⑪⑫Ovary is the raw material of "Karasumi". In Japan, it was regarded as an auspicious fish used for "God 's event".
Tuna①②⑩⑪⑫Japan is the world's largest tuna consuming country (consuming about 55% of the world's landing)
Striped marlin⑧⑨⑩The body of "Striped marlin" is a pink red lean and has less fat than tuna
Japanese bluefish①②③⑩⑪⑫It fits any recipe. The difficulty is that the body is soft and easy to collapse.
Swordfish①⑨⑩⑪⑫Many domestic and imported goods are distributed throughout the year
Green fish
①②③⑪⑫The appearance of sashimi is similar to red snapper. It is well-known in the world of beach fishing.
Black rockfish①②③④⑫It is popular as grilled fish and boiling. The catch is reduced and the price is rising
Pond smelt①②③⑪⑫High calcium content in fish. Freshness falls soon, so cook as soon as possible.