Salmonella food poisoning(サルモネラ食中毒)

Causative organism

  • Salmonella species.



  • Latency period 6 to 72 hours
  • Symptoms Diarrhea, abdominal pain, nausea
  • Remarks Infants and the elderly are highly susceptible to this fungus



Source of pollution

  • Eggs and their processed products
  • Meat and its processed products
  • Raw vegetables
  • Sometimes pets are carrying bacteria
  • Flies, cockroaches, rats, etc. are also sources of infection




  • Weak to heat
  • Die at 60 degrees in 20 minutes
  • Die at 65 degrees in 3 minutes
  • In natural soil and water live relatively long




  • Pay attention to pollution of meat and egg raw materials
  • Disinfection of hands and cookware handling meat and eggs, washing
  • Pay attention to secondary infection after heating




  • Salmonella is susceptible to heat and is sufficiently heated
  • Thorough hand washing and disinfection of cooking utensils
  • Hand and cookware handling meat and eggs are washed and disinfected each time
  • Try not to pest the pests
  • Be careful if you keep pets indoors
  • Be careful when eating raw.
  • If you do not eat immediately, keep it in the refrigerator