Shellfish poison(貝毒)

Causative organism

  • Saxitoxin
  • Gonio toxin group
  • Pectenotoxin group



  • Poisoning symptoms 30 minutes – 3 days
  • Symptoms Diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, numbness of lips, headache
  • Remarks Paralytic shellfish poisoning, diarrhetic shellfish poison exists



Source of pollution

  • Toxic shellfish




  • Paralytic shellfish poison = in severe cases it leads to death by dyspnea
  • Diarrheal shellfish poisoning = recover within 3 days even in severe cases
  • It is resistant to heat, so it will not become non-toxic in the cooking process




  • Items containing paralytic shellfish poison exceeding 4 MU in 1 g edible portion of shellfish are not edible
  • Items containing diarrhetic shellfish poison exceeding 0.05 MU in 1 g edible portion of shellfish are not edible




  • Poisonous shellfish is regulated shipping and never marketed
  • In the case of clamor hunting, etc., let’s check whether the area is not
  • shipping regulation seashell of shellfish poison
  • Shellfish accumulate poison due to toxic plankton of feed
  • Be careful not only bivalves but also snails