Vitamin B1(ビタミンB1)

Japanese page

Characteristics of nutrients

  • Water soluble vitamin
  • It is vulnerable to heat and vulnerable to alkali
  • Called fatigue recovery vitamin

Function of nutrients

  • Adjustment of peripheral nerves of limbs
  • Helps maintain health of the skin and mucous membranes
  • The role of carbohydrate coenzyme (carbohydrate is the energy source of the brain)
  • It converts carbohydrates to energy
  • Vitamin B1 decreases in the process of alcohol decomposition
  • Relieve hangover and fatigue

When nutrients are deficient

  • beriberi
  • Numbness of limbs, swelling
  • Anorexia
  • Get tired easily
  • Difficulty walking, declining cardiac function
  •  lose concentration

When nutrients overdose

  • No need to worry because it is discharged outside the body even if overdose
  • Ingestion of dietary supplement makes headache, insomnia

Food that contains a lot of Vitamin B1

FoodstuffIngredient per 100g (mg)
Pork fillet (grilled)2.09
pork ham(grilled)1.19
pork loin (raw)0.96
snapping turtle0.91
Pork loin (raw)0.82
Rishiri kelp0.8
cod roe (grilled)0.77
Japanese eel (Kabayaki)0.75
Dried tomato0.68


  • Vitamin B1 is a water soluble vitamin and is vulnerable to heat and alkali
  • Frequently ingest excessive intake because it is excreted outside the body
  • Hangover, has the effect of relieving tired feeling
  • Convert carbohydrates smoothly to energy
  • Consumed in large quantities owing to consumption of drinking alcohol, sweet foods and the like
  • Absorption rate increases with simultaneous intake with garlic, onion, etc.