Vitamin C(ビタミンC)

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Characteristics of nutrients

  • Water soluble vitamin
  • It is easy to flow into water and it is vulnerable to heat, so be careful when cooking
  • Eat daily as it can not be stored in the body
  • Consumption of vitamin C increases by smoking
  • Synergistic effect by ingesting with Vitamin E

Function of nutrients

  • Collagen formation and absorption
  • Absorption of iron
  • antioxidant effect
  • Immune power
  • Help the function of the enzyme
  • Stress relief
  • Antiaging
  • Whitening, beautiful skin effect

When nutrients are deficient

  • Bleeding from the gums
  • The beauty of the skin is impaired
  • Feeling of exhaustion
  • Immune deficiency
  • Arteriosclerosis

When nutrients overdose

  • Do not worry about excessive because it is excreted outside the body together with urine
  • There is a possibility of overdose in supplements
    (diarrhea,Frequent urination,rash)

Food that contains a lot of Vitamin C

FoodstuffIngredient per 100g (mg)
Acerola (acidic species)1700
Kale (green juice)1100
Guava (raw)220
Red sweet pepper (raw)170
Brussels sprouts (raw)160
Yellow sweet pepper (raw)160
Kiwifruit (raw)140
Canola flower130
Broccoli (raw)120


  • Water soluble vitamin
  • Consumption of vitamin C increases due to smoking and stress
  • Essential for the synthesis of collagen
  • Increase the absorption of iron
  • Suppress synthesis of melanin pigment (spot prevention)
  • Frequently taken as it is excreted in 2 to 3 hours
  • Synergistic effect with simultaneous ingestion with vitamin E
  • Be vulnerable to water, so be careful when cooking