Puffer fish poisoning(ふぐ中毒)

Causative organism

  • tetrodotoxin



  • Latency period 30 minutes to 3 hours
  • Symptoms Lips, numbness of limbs, headache, abdominal pain, speech disorder etc.
  • Remarks The time to death shall be within 8 hours



Source of pollution

  • Puffer fish
  • Hind flying dragonfly
  • Zumghihase
  • Boussoubola




  • Insoluble in water
  • Acid, heat resistant
  • It can not be detoxified by cooking etc.




  • Demolition of qualified person of puffer cooker
  • I will never do easy handling of amateurs




  • Never dismantle amateurs
  • Demolition of a puffer cooker’s license holder
  • The lethal dose of a person is about 2 mg
  • Puffer poisoning = tetrodotoxin
  • 1000 times the virulence of tetrodotoxin = hydrogen cyanide
  • Puffer venom can not be detoxified by heat treatment