Vitamin A(ビタミンA)

Characteristics of nutrients

  • Fat-soluble vitamin
  • Animal food contains vitamin A
  • Botanical food contains β-carotene
  • Absorption rate rises when ingested with oil
  • Β-carotene becomes vitamin A according to the necessary amount in the body

Function of nutrients

  • It has the effect of promoting skin metabolism
  • To normalize the mucosa of the skin, throat, nose, gastrointestinal tract
  • Prevent night blindness

When nutrients are deficient

  • Night blindness
  • Dry eye soreness
  • Reduction of resistance to pathogenic bacteria in the part in contact with air

When nutrients overdose

  • Difficult to overdose
  • Β-carotene is converted to vitamin A by the necessary amount in the body
  • Headaches, vomiting, rash, fatty liver, hair loss, gout, etc.

Food that contains a lot of Vitamin A

Foodstuff Ingredient per 100g (㎍)
carrot 3800
green laver 2700
sudachi 360
sea-lettuce 300
malabar-spinach 260
kintoki-carrot 250
ostrich-fern 200
red-pepper 190
string-beans 150
bitter-melon 100
hyacinth-bean 79
Yellow sweet pepper 71