Point of cooking(料理のポイント)

Presence of two kinds of recipes

On this site, we have opened the recipe actually made by the cook.
The cook is changing the taste depending on the temperature and humidity, the ingredients’ flavor, and the menu conditions

  1. Recipe to make with ratio
    Fine adjustment of flavor by ingredients, temperature, menuCan arrange to your liking
  2. Recipe with fixed quantity
    The quantity varies depending on the store
    Used as source etc.

Even regular recipes are tasty enough, but arrange themselves as self-made and make recipes yourself.

Fine adjustment of taste

  1. Enjoy a refreshing taste when the temperature is high
  2. When the temperature is low put out a taste that is rich
  3. When it is cold, warm things
  4. If the ingredients are sweet, sweetness discreet
  5. If main dishes are seasoned firmly. Light side seasoned if side dishes

Fine tuning the taste by considering it.
The above is just about used for example, but for reference.

Tasting is important

Of course, you can taste the taste in some places.
The timing of tasting is just after mixing seasonings.

The point of tasting is to eat ingredients together
(I do not know by licking soup stock)

Watch the ingredients well

Seasoning changes with the taste of ingredients
As you know, the same ingredients taste different. It is a point to judge it.
I do not understand it by appearance. Also important here is “tasting”.
Tasting here is a point to eat when ingredients can be eaten.
If the ingredients are sweet, we will reduce sugar and mirin.
If it is salty, reduce salt and soy sauce.

Follow the procedure

Be sure to observe the procedure of the recipe
Because there is a reason, it is a troublesome procedure.
If you do theoretically as to what to do for this procedure, it will be useful to understand easily.
Let’s not leave out saying it is troublesome.
It causes serious troubles.
Example) Fishy smell, fire not passed, taste not stained


There are sites and books that have recipes, both procedures and recipes are different. This means that there is no fixed cooking (although there are absolute procedures). If there are ten cooks, you can make tastes in ten ways. Please use this site to finish your preference as you like.