Vitamin E(ビタミンE)

Japanese page

Characteristics of nutrients

  • Fat-soluble vitamin
  • Rejuvenating vitamins (prevents lipid peroxide increase)
  • Taking it with Vitamin C is effective
  • Strong antioxidant activity

Function of nutrients

  • antioxidant effect
  • Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases (stroke, myocardial infarction)
  • Blood circulation promotion
  • Autonomic stabilization
  • Prevention of rough skin (skin beautification effect)

When nutrients are deficient

  • There is no shortage in normal eating habits
  • Very rarely a neurological disorder
  • Hormone secretion disorder
  • Stiff shoulder

When nutrients overdose

  • We do not intake excessively in normal dietary life
  • Bleeding does not solidify

Food that contains a lot of Vitamin E

Foodstuff Ingredient per 100g (mg)
Sencha 64.9
Almond (roasted) 28.8
Matcha 28.1
Chrysanthemum 25.0
Sweetfish Internal organs 23.5
Dried tomatoes 18.4
Gyokuro 16.4
Margarine 15.3
anglerfish- liver 13.8
Mayonnaise 13.1
Groundnut (roasted) 10.6
Sujiko 10.6


  • Fat soluble vitamin
  • Prevent aging
  • Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases
  • Blood circulation improves
  • It is efficient to take it with vitamin C