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Characteristics of nutrients

  • Vitamin B group with water-soluble vitamin
  • It is resistant to heat, the process of cooking is not lost
  • It consumes enough to drink alcohol
  • Decompose alcohol
  • Blood circulation promotion

Function of nutrients

  • Work on carbohydrate and lipid metabolism
  • Help the work of cranial nerves
  • Prevent inflammation of skin and mucosa
  • Keep normal gastrointestinal function working

When nutrients are deficient

  • There is no worry of deficiency with normal diet
  • Limb inflammation
  • Feeling of tiredness, hallucination symptoms, anxiety, depression
  • Stomatitis, dermatitis, glossitis

When nutrients overdose

  • There is no worry of excessive symptoms with normal diet
  • Please pay attention to overdose by supplement
  • Skin turns red
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • Liver dysfunction

Food that contains a lot of Niacin

FoodstuffIngredient per 100g (mg)
cod roe62.4
chicken Breast(Grilled)26.5
 young bluefin tuna24.3
Bonito(caught in spring)24.2
Pork Tenderloin21.1
Tender (Grilled)20.1
Mackerel (Grilled)18.0
Grilled pork17.3
greater amberjack14.2


  • Also known as vitamin B3
  • Vitamin B group with water-soluble vitamin
  • Heat-resistant
  • Decompose alcohol
  • Consumed at drinking
  • Keep mucous membranes and skin healthy
  • Prevents hangover
  • Promote blood circulation