Lodine (ヨウ素)

Characteristics of nutrients

  • About 13 mg is present in the body of an adult (mostly the thyroid)
  • Mineral that is a constituent of thyroid hormone
  • Promote cell development and tissue growth
  • Increase basal metabolism and increase energy consumption


Function of nutrients

  • Components of thyroid hormone
  • Promote growth
  • Adjustment of basal metabolism



When nutrients are deficient

  • There is no worry of deficiency in normal diet
  • Hair loss, anemia, physical strength reduction, thyroid hypertrophy, goiter
  • Hoarseness, fatigue, poor growth, delay of mental development



When nutrients overdose

  • Weight loss, tachycardia, urticaria, fever,
  • Hypothyroidism, goiter, thyrotoxicosis, etc.


Foods rich in nutrients

  • kelp
  • seaweed
  • Hijiki
  • Abalone
  • egg


  • About 13 mg is present in the body of an adult (mostly the thyroid)
  • Components of thyroid hormone
  • Absorption rate from food is high
  • Excessive attention than deficiency



Nutrient list
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EnergyPantothenic acid
Saturated fatty acids n-3 fatty acids
Dietary fiber n-6 fatty acids
Vitamin ACalcium
Vitamin DMagnesium
Vitamin ERin
Vitamin KZinc
Vitamin B1Copper
Vitamin B2Manganese
Vitamin B6Lodine
Vitamin B12Selenium
Vitamin CChromium
Folic acidiron