Vitamin K(ビタミンK)


Characteristics of nutrients

  • Fat-soluble vitamin
  • There are two kinds of vitamin K 1 and K 2
  • Vitamin K 1 = vegetable (vegetables, beans, seaweed, etc.)
  • Vitamin K 2 = bacteria and animal properties (natto, cheese, etc.)
  • Generated in the body
  • Neonates can not produce vitamin K because their intestinal environment is immature


Function of nutrients

  • Blood will be hardened during bleeding
  • Help calcium deposit on bone
  • Maintain blood vessel healthy
  • Artery calcification, preventing arteriosclerosis



When nutrients are deficient

  • Because it is synthesized by intestinal bacteria, there is no worry of shortage
  • It takes time to coagulate blood


When nutrients overdose

  • No concern in normal eating habits


Foods rich in nutrients

  • Natto
  • spinach
  • Sea urchin
  • canola flower
  • garland chrysanthemum


Nutrient list
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EnergyPantothenic acid
Saturated fatty acids n-3 fatty acids
Dietary fiber n-6 fatty acids
Vitamin ACalcium
Vitamin DMagnesium
Vitamin ERin
Vitamin KZinc
Vitamin B1Copper
Vitamin B2Manganese
Vitamin B6Lodine
Vitamin B12Selenium
Vitamin CChromium
Folic acidiron